b-roll cloud exists to connect filmmakers (those who shoot film or video) with producers (those who need footage to complete their film or video projects).  It starts with filmmakers uploading their footage to YouTube or Vimeo. After registering with b-roll cloud, they can then add their videos to the site by sharing the links to the YouTube or Vimeo pages. Filmmakers also have the option to share a direct link to the video file for easy downloading.

Benefits for filmmakers

Get credit for your unused footage and learn where it  might be used. Make new connections in the film community.

Benefits for producers

Search quickly and easily for free b-roll and stock footage. Connect with filmmakers to get just the right shot.

How do I get credit for my footage?

First, make sure you have filled out the ‘Your name’ field on each video for which you’d like credit. Then, when someone clicks on the download button, they will see your name for inclusion in their credits and have the option to send you a message to inform you about the project they want to use your clip for.

What is the download link for?

By default, the download button redirects people to the YouTube or Vimeo page where the video is. If you have the video file stored somewhere else on the internet, enter the link in the ‘download link’ field. The download button will redirect them there instead so people can more easily download your footage.

What are the download instructions for?

This field is for informing people on how best to download your footage. This is especially useful if you have entered a separate download link.

How do I download a video?

This page explains 6 different ways to download videos. It’s geared toward downloading YouTube videos, but most of the methods work on other video services.

How do I change my default credits name?

The ‘Display to Public as’ field under the ‘Account’ tab is the default value for the ‘Your name’ field. To change it, make sure you have saved your first and last names in the ‘Account’ tab. You should then be able to select it in the ‘Display to Public as’ select box. Save your changes and the next time you add a video you will see it in the ‘Your name’ field.

How do I include actor’s releases?

There are two recommended ways to do this:
  1. Scan the signed releases and include them at the end of the video clip.
  2. Send them as an attachment to the Producer and hang on to the originals.

Is it okay to upload clips that were shot in green screen?

Yes some things (such as objects) might make more sense to shoot them this way and let the Producer choose the background. Use your own discretion.



  • We recommend that you limit the length of your clips to 2:00.  By doing this it will speed up downloading and improve the chances that your footage will be used.
  • We encourage you to include ambient sound along with your clips if the quality is good. It is not recommended to include music.  AAC 48Khz is the preferred codec and sample rate.
  • Full HD (1080p) H.264 NTSC is the preferred format for uploading.  However, if your footage is available uncompressed (high resolution) or 4K resolution then let the world know.  The same goes for PAL and SECAM formats. If your source material was shot in one of these formats then add that when you fill out the upload form.